Winter Solstice is a Sacred Time
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The winter solstice is a special time for those who honor and acknowledge the patterns of our natural world. A solstice teaching. "The first snow was celebrated. Men put on their snowshoes and danced in the fresh powder. The snow made for ease of hunting. The Lakȟóta explained the changing of the seasons as an epic battle between two brothers: Wazíya (The North) and Okáǧa (The South). As one retreated, the other gained ground. When Wazíya won, his breath blew across the landscape, and for as deadly and sharp his cold breath might be, he brought a blanket of snow under which Uŋčí Makȟá (Grandmother Earth) slept." How do you honor the longest night?
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Interesting they mentioned cleaning, I burned some sandalwood and cleaned a lot while listening to some nostalgic music. I had a sense of being healed so that I am even more me. Then we joined a community labyrinth walk and my friend and I announced the starting of a family oriented polytheist/animist group. Very good day. Thank you for sharing this. I hope everyone has had a good one!
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I ate pizza because pizza are round like the Earth and Sun and other natural things. Besides, pizza.
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My family ate dinner and then my Druid mother-in-law walked us through a small ceremony which included a poem for peace, darkening the room and lighting a candle.

We were going to have a (small) bonfire but it was 11F/-12C outside so we may do that today instead.

Happy Solstice all!
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thank you from Helsinki, I went for a walk in the woods 'at night' (4pm)
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I'm crocheting. I'm always crocheting. It's a log cabin afghan, so... round?
Happy Yule!
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For many years I have tried in my own way to honor the dying of the light. Summer is being born at this time. Nature from within and without us is communicating one of her fundamental laws. The ancients were terrified that the sun was being extinguished and would not return. Many of the ancient rites that most Westerners have forgotten were developed from this fear of loss of the sun. Ask most people why they put a star on top of their Christmas tree. "Oh we have always done that" is the usual reply. Right now I am in the midst of a post viral loss of smell and taste (anosmia) that I had once before. It lasted two years almost to the day. I needed therapy but my sense of smell came back. I don't know if and when it will return this time. If you are are wondering, there are no medical treatments or silver bullets. So I need to find more rituals within to honor what I am experiencing now. I read recently what most people fear is the loss of their fucking phone. Give losing your sense of smell and taste a try for a few months and compare it to the loss of your phone. Remain in Light!
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Sacrificial Bonfire.

Burn up the old
Ring in the new.
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Ate a beautiful round golden pancake for brunch. Tidied my home. Made a gift. Ate a delicious dinner. Had a Fire. Opened Gifts. Lots of candles. Felt joy and comfort in the return of the light.
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I was tickled that the author of this piece, about the solstice, has the middle name "Sunshine."

I spent most of the day cooking a Winter Solstice Feast and I loved it! And I received many Solstice cards from the Mefi Holiday Card Exchange, so it was a Solstice celebrated in style this year. [So happy that the days will be longer now].
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A parade of handmade lanterns and fireworks, and of course we do it at the end of June
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Summer. Summer solstice.
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Winter solstice, we live in the southern hemisphere
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No, mbo, I meant yesterday was the summer solstice in the summer hemisphere, where I also live.
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That was a lovely and thoughtful piece, thank you. Especially (from the first link):
"We all have the power to create a world where we are better and more connected, and it all starts within– within self and within community– in carving out time and space to reflect, grow and always give back. Remember we must also show care and compassion to our relatives who are less fortunate, who are living in less than ideal situations, who are grieving or struggling with their most basic needs. Remember our Earth and our non-human relations. Remember those who are suffering injustice in different corners of the world. And remember the generations that have come before and those who will come after us. "

Celebrating solstice is not part of my culture but I have come to recognize and acknowledge it in small ways. This year just lighting some candles, thinking about the sun and seasons, talking to my kids about my grandparents whom they never met, taking time to feel grateful.
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