Play them Phish
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Underwater Speakers Help Revive Dying Coral Reefs, Study Finds. While the reintroduction of fish to a coral reef isn’t the entire recipe to regrow healthy coral reef ecosystems, it helps the reef begin to recover. Fish clean reef and create spaces for new corals to grow. “If combined with habitat restoration and other conservation measures, rebuilding fish communities in this manner might accelerate ecosystem recovery,” said Professor Andy Radford, a co-author from the University of Bristol.
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One of the giddy little pleasures of snorkeling and scuba diving is putting your head underwater for the first time and hearing the POPPOPPOPPOPPOP of snapping shrimp as the background music to your time in the water. It's really cool that sounds can actually attract, rather than scare away, the fish needed to help reefs recover.
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Play them Phish

Don't give up if the coral reefs say they hate it - they just haven't heard the right show yet.
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This is so cool! I love hearing about stuff like this - it gives me the same kind of hope as reading that planting trees can help capture carbon.
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Play them Phish

Or the Coral Reefer band?
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Dang, you beat me to it, stinkfoot.

There's more where that came from, though.

"The place I sought was far beneath, the surface of the sea
My sight was poor, but I was sure
The sirens sang their song for me
They dance above me as I sink
I see them through a crystal haze
And hear the sweet sound bouncing round
The never-ending coral maze,
The crystal haze,
And hear the bouncing round the room
The never-ending coral maze."
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Not to mention...

A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
Swept Away
Wading In The Velvet Sea
and maybe Foam ?

Reef recovery efforts have never been so heady.
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