Bowienalia 2020
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January 10 marks 4 years since the interdimensional being known on this planet as David Bowie left our presence. Let the bells ring strong! Bowienalia 2020 invites you to revisit his final performance (Heroes, Hurricane Festival, 2004), to examine an old hit through a modern lens (Space Oddity 2019 50th Anniversary Mix), to think about a young David Bowie as he emerged (Stardust will be a film about Bowie's artistic transition in the early 70s, not a music biopic), and to consider how Bowie's sudden departure might have torn someone's universe (Speed Of Life trailer).

Bowie continues into the year with a new version (recorded in 1997) of The Man Who Sold The World, which is the first track from two new Bowie albums being released this year.
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Wishing everyone a festive Bowienalia! 🌟👨🏻‍🎤

P.S. That “Space Oddity” is a lovely mix. I wasn't expecting hearing his voice to nearly set me to sobbing today.
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Happy Bowienalia! I will probably celebrate by playing Flight of the Conchords’ Bowie song a few times...

The director of Speed of Life is a friend of mine, so I wanted to add that the movie just became available on iTunes.
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Sadly missed. Back in 2002 I couldn't find anyone to come with me to the final show of his Meltdown Festival, starring him and the Dandy Warhols, can you believe it. He played the whole Low album then the whole Heathen album, then some odds and sods. Amazing.

A friend asked Instagram, about a year before Bowie died, how to get into his music, and which albums to listen to. Someone suggested Heroes. I disagreed, and pushed Station to Station instead. That must be my personal favourite, and I think I need to go and play it now. My friend loved Station to Station, his reaction was: "Immense".
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A friend asked Instagram, about a year before Bowie died, how to get into his music, and which albums to listen to.

I'm not sure what would work for more modern ears, but one listen to a friend's copy of the new (at the time) changesonebowie and I was hooked.
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Celebrating by watching his performance of Under Pressure with "the exquisite" Annie Lenox at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert:

And perhaps even cooler, the video of the rehearsal.
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also recently: Fire on the Rio Grande (Bowie's musical impressions)
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It feels kind of cheating to recommend a compilation album to introduce an artist to someone, but when I happened upon Changesbowie in my older brother's collection when I was sixteen, I was hooked. I knew nothing of Bowie, and oddly is was Sound and Vision that got me intrigued, not any of the poppier stuff. There was clearly something different and special about this person.
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