We are saddened that this [narrow drain channel] is necessary.
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My Layoff Letter Ground Up with Text From Meat Processing Trade Magazines "I regret to notify you that following a declaration of [foam buildup in manure pits below the slats] by [Gruel-O-Matic] University, you are being laid off from your [automatic clipping/hanging machine] with the university. This [one-shot humane stunning] has been an extremely difficult one and has been made as a result of [material handling, grinding, blending, and emulsion] below university projections and the impact on the university budget of [chronic or endemic transmission of pathogens]."

More background on the layoffs (which include positions in philosophy and theatre) and a petition.
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That was awesome.
And, a tad disturbing.
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Modular separating solutions push the boundaries of what has been to what could be.
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why isn't the bold text links
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I'm guessing these trade magazines are not online, or are accessible only if you have a membership or access them through a library database - so not linkable. (In any case it's the juxtaposition of smarmy higher ed slogans with meat processing technology that makes the point.)

PS: Was relieved as a newbie to see it wasn't me who'd left out links! Eep.
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best Mad Libs ever. Need more random Rendering phrase generators.
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