There Is A Season (Dog, Dog, Dog)
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For seven years, a small pet salon & hotel in the island town of Minamiawaji has been taking pictures of their satisfied canine clients. And two years ago, the photoshoots have included seasonal backdrops and decorations to go along with all the good dogs. The floof of Popotan-chan. The joy of Oji-chan. The extended blep of Kirara-chan. And dozens of other well-coiffed dogs in the oasis that is the twitter account of Pet Salon Barm.
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Can I have the job of pet salon photographer?
posted by AlexiaSky at 12:58 AM on January 18, 2020

This is quality content, and I love it.
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They're good dogs, Brent.
posted by biscotti at 5:01 AM on January 18, 2020

These are very photogenic dogs. Good, good boys and girls!
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...aaand follow. They're dapper dogs, Brent.
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My twitter feed needed this. I am in your debt, smasuch.
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YES. I first saw a video of this "Real Mickey Mouse" a few days ago. Holy COW.
[And here's a different Mickey Mouse dog I found while searching for that link.]
However, not the same salon as the OP. This is SHU AND TREE
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Mod note: One comment deleted; sorry, using the phrase "my spirit animal" in a jokey way is something our Native American members have asked folks not to do. An alternative is "patronus" like in Harry Potter, or "inspiration" etc.
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My bad..

Kirara-chan is my new Patronus then...
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This one of Kirara-chan is my favorite.
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