Today You, Tomorrow Me
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Today You, Tomorrow Me (SLYT)

Story adapted from redditor /u/rhoner's original

2010 Previously
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I know it's getting a bit old, but dammit it is dusty here.
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I just reread the original story in addition to watching the short.

goddamn tears rolling down my stupid face. It's been a rough january in the Shot First household. Gotta try to remember to show more grace more often.
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I had something similar happen last winter. Hit a giant pot hole on the freeway. Tore my transmission pan pretty much off. Stuck in the middle lane of a three lane freeway, with a car which would no longer move. Kindly Hispanic family in a minivan used it to push me off onto the shoulder. This was of course, during a blizzard. I agree, it gets dusty in here.
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Man do I ever need every little bit of humanity and kindness I can get these days, fictional and otherwise.
Thank you for posting this.
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The last couple of weeks have been very bad, and today just frayed my last nerve. This was a good reminder that there are good things in the world. Thank you for posting this; I never saw the original. I think the short captures it pretty well.
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The guy with the broken-down truck was trying to express gratitude in the only way he knew how. Unfortunately, it was just to give them money. Their answer was, "Thanks, but pay it forward."

Very well done.
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Question: who are all the names in the tags, and how come no ‘reddit’?
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Have been a Texan all my life. The kindness of the people in this culture constantly humbles me. It seems the less they have - the more they give. May they continue to bring their values into everyones lives.
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I hit some ice on a mountain road in Southern Colorado a couple of years ago and spun into a hard snowbank. My first real accident in fifty years of driving. Five minutes later a guy came by to cut the airbags out of the way. Ten minutes later a guy stopped by with a tow rope he'd just bought that day and got me out of the snow. I steered my truck back towards home, Denver.

If I'd gone over the other side of the road, a steep drop off the mountain, it would not have been such a happy ending, but I was delivered into the hands of kind strangers. The best kind.
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The kindness of the people in this culture constantly humbles me. It seems the less they have - the more they give.

I think that's true the world over.
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I saw this story when it was first posted shortly after encountering reddit. I still think about it all the time. reddit definitely has a high signal-to-noise ratio, but seeing this early in my time there bought it a lot of leash with me to find the gems amongst everything else that is there.
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