A Very Stable Genius: A Conversation with Carol Leonnig and Phillip Rucker
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SLYoutube featuring the authors of the new Trump profile This doesn't fit into any of the current Trump posts, but it is worth viewing. Maybe not so much for new insights into the Trump administration (though there are a few small ones), as for how and why the reporting is always behind the facts and why some Trump staff go along with the madness. Also, what happened with the Mueller Report.
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Saw this Scary republican meme earlier today: the other side doesn’t care about all that, they are planning for the long haul
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That's "Phillip Rucker" -- looks like the title got chopped off at 72 chars.
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[I can't watch the video, but the tags indicate that it's Phillip Ruck, unless it's a typo in two locations, which it may be. ]
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It is Rucker, and I was copy-pasting the same mistake and didn't notice for some reason. Maybe the mods can help. Otherwise this is the correction.
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Just listened to the whole 55 minutes, and - unless you get your act together, guys, you are going to be so fucked in November
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Mod note: Fixed the title manually, carry on!
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I also just watched the whole 55 minutes, and I'm not sure what from that made you think "you are going to be so fucked in November".
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“If after he’s acquitted Trump truly believes he has permission to do anything he wants because his reelection is in the national interest, the ways he could abuse his powers in the service of his campaign are limited only by his imagination”...

“How about ordering the attorney general to announce a criminal investigation into the Democratic nominee? How about having the Internal Revenue Service seize the homes of all Democratic elected officials? How about announcing that should anyone assassinate his opponent, he’d pardon the killer? How about ordering the Air Force to bomb Milwaukee so its residents couldn’t vote for his opponent?”

“Well, he wouldn’t go that far, you might say. And maybe bombing Milwaukee might be going a little far. But do we really know how far Trump will go once he’s convinced himself there are no legal constraints on his actions?”
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