Sounds for January 2020 and Beyond
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posted by danhon at 10:11 PM on January 31

Oh Alive And Kicking. You are such a monstrous song, so mammoth, you took over the charts and you took over Simple Minds. Like, their career had been really interesting up until then, and I quite love Once Upon A Time the album, but there is no denying that this one song changed the band's trajectory. Simple Minds didn't even write the song, but its power is undeniable.

I'll have to keep working through the links, but a lot of great songs here. The only link that showed up as previously viewed was Lizzo's Good As Hell, and I feel Proud As Hell for recognizing her talent about 4 months before the Coconut Oil EP came out, and then really pleased to watch her blow up over the next year. Her victorious emergence is one of the real "wow, this artist is great, others should see her as great too" wins in my life, which are rare.

I need to make a victorious song playlist out of my music library. If I do I'll share here the cream of the crop. We can together make all our playlists march toward the win!
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I support this post. Music often takes you on these kind of journeys so sit down and contemplate your death or glory while the lightning crashes all around you and you feel yourself disintegrate because life goes on forever and itโ€™s a wonderful world. Can you hear me?
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redemption songs basically. And thank you, WCityMike, I'll always take hope over despair.

And if we're going to wax on the simple minded crowd, I think they finally lost me with Once Upon A Time, not that I ever had much problem with Alive + Kicking. One album previous though, there was a still a mighty Kick Inside to be reconciled. I sometimes wonder if they blew a piston here, never quite got the big simple engine entirely back on song. Not that they didn't keep selling rcords.

And if it's sheer wild (to the point of bombastic and madly beyond) epiphanous liberation you want, Spear of Destiny seem to have found it here.
posted by philip-random at 7:55 AM on February 1

Some may think Life is Shit, but I prefer to side with those that think Life is Grand; in any case, we're all Waiting for the Great Leap Forward.
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It's Crystal Clear that it's time to Rally Round, because the Internationale that unites us means that you Stand By Me and I stand by you and together we can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old.
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Take my hand, we'll make it, I swear. (Wait for it.)
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For those for whom the song lyrics are familiar, try them anyway: I tried to pick live performances, or covers, that I thought particularly rocked, e.g., the first link.
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Today I learned that Stephen Colbert approaches singing the same way I do (in karaoke), way too earnest, way too loud, and totally blowing out vocal chords.

I mean, thereโ€™s a lot I would do to be on stage with the Mountain Goats singing that song, but at least now I know roughly how it would sound. (And am incredibly jealous)
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Always remember, if and when things get real, there's an official theme song for fucking someone's shit up
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Do you think we're gonna make it? I don't know unless we try. If you don't want to be seen, you don't have to hide. Now hold still, as everything spins.
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I find myself often thinking Why Must I Feel This Way Today? But sometimes it's just that I Feel My Stuff. Sometimes it's hard to see the Fleet Of Hope off the shore. But then I realize that there is Nothing I Would Change.
posted by hippybear at 11:28 AM on February 2

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