"a little something to get us 2nd graders Crunk"
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5th Quarter: Bands of the South is a web series spotlighting Marching Band culture, from elaborate field shows to intense fanfares. (Episode 1 on Instagram). Co-curator Russell Hamilton shares personal memories of the Southwest DeKalb High School Marching Panthers coming to give motivational drills. Co-curator Renata Cherlise includes family photos of her parents "living it up at ‘The Classic’ representing The Bethune Cookman Wildcats."

Blvck Vrchives is a collaborative platform for visual histories created by Renata Cherlise in 2015. The most recent project is The Class of Blackness which explores collective memories of everyday Black life through the yearbooks of predominately Black high-schools across America.

As Cherlise said in a 2015 interview, "I’m really not interested in telling the same story over and over again, so I try to stay clear from the most common narrative associated with historical events."

Blvck Vrchives previously "a visual journey through history" in 2017 and previouslier Atlanta Darker Than Blue in 2015.
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I'm into this, I just sent this to my bestie who was in Marching Band and taught himself how to be a baton leader (? don't know what it's called.) Thanks!!
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Wow, what a fabulous post. Thank you !
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Love it. Thanks so much for sharing.
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