"I chose you."
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Last November the teachers and staff of Decatur Public Schools District 61 (Macon County, IL) were asked to pick one student who inspired them to come to work each day. They then met with the student and told them why they were chosen. (h/t Miss Cellania)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, this is a meant-to-be-feelgood thing that's shaping up to be oops-actually-feelbad for enough people that it's probably better to skip the kinda emotional whiplash/conflict over whose feelings are wrong that usually ensues in such cases -- LobsterMitten

Oh God sobbing on so many levels for so many reasons
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Oh man I just realized all my kiddos from student teaching are in high school now and I would give anything to give them all hugs right now and thank them
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I love the different reactions at all age levels. And those young ones might not understand exactly what this means, but I hope they can watch it in a few years, and carry that feeling with them.

Thanks for posting this.
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Oof. I get that the intentions were good, but I find this horrifying. a) Capital A Awkward for some of the chosen students, and b) how awful for their classmates who weren't chosen. It's great to let kids know you appreciate them as students and people, but I don't think this should be a public video.
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Seems a bit much to lay on these kids who didn't ask for it to be laid on them, and for what purpose? To make a youtube video? I mean, I get the intention is nice and all, but this doesn't seem to be for the kids, and if it's not for the kids, then wtf are you doing.
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