How Many Librarians Does It Take to Find a Forgotten Book?
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What do you get when you have 20 librarians in a room, furiously searching for answers? NYPL Title Quest 2018. “It all started back in 2012, with an innocent blog post: “I Remember It Had a Blue Cover and... Finding Books by Their Plot Lines”” (updated version of this post). Title Quest 2019: Finding Forgotten Titles Together. Caveat for researchers: “[A]t least one detail someone is certain about is not right.”
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This is very cool. Also I am still hoping someone can help me with this question from 2011.
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I wonder if they have a sign up that just says "All Summer In A Day".
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"I remember there was a person in it and they did something" Awww bless them. Quality librarian humor.
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I misread that as libertarians at first and was like "Do they have something against card catalogues or the Dewey decimal system?"
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Hey, I knew the answer to one of the queries from the 2019 post! I feel useful (or I will, once my comment is approved).
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Axiom: I did the same.
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Smart Bitches Trashy Books has "HABO" or "Help a Bitch Out."
For example: Hero is Obsessed with Bows

It's amazing the slippery things that drift through our memories, dashing around corners when we try to grab them.
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I solved one!
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Love this. Trying to figure out what the actual fuck someone means is one of my favorite parts of librarianship.
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Adridne: "I wonder if they have a sign up that just says "All Summer In A Day"."

SOMETIMES it's "There Will Come Soft Rains."
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I answered a couple of these (including one for a book the NYPL owns ... I found it by searching our catalog for picture books starting whose titles start with the letter Z, then skimming the descriptions until I found the one about a fairy).
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