The Spyware Infested Software List.
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The Spyware Infested Software List. All programs on this list surreptitiously report back to a server telling either what you've been doing or what is on your computer. It's quite a list. I don't understand why Navigator isn't on there, though. Navigator's "What's Related" feature does exactly the same thing.
posted by Steven Den Beste (7 comments total)
Another notable omision is RealPlayer. I don't see it on the list. At least I found out that I need to remove CuteFTP from my system.
posted by tremendo at 6:58 PM on May 28, 2000

BulletProof FTP is good.

Is there a way to disable the Netscape "feature?"
posted by hobbes at 12:02 AM on May 29, 2000

Sure. Just turn off What's Related. That's part of muy default configure run for new copies of Netscape, along with switching cookies to "only the base page server" and shutting off auto-install.

It would sure have been nice if he'd posted some documentation of *what* each program is doing, and why, though...
posted by baylink at 10:56 AM on May 29, 2000

Do any of you know of a download manager that isnt spyware? It seems all of the big ones are on the list...
posted by esquilax at 2:25 PM on May 29, 2000

Ah, thought it was under "Advanced," but it wasn't... :-o

I think my old version of GetRight isn't spyware.
posted by hobbes at 1:42 AM on May 30, 2000

ZModem. ;-)
posted by dhartung at 10:02 AM on May 30, 2000

Hi all

Im the The Spyware Infested Software List webmaster.

I'll try to answer all the questions.

RealPlayer is not, in sense, an "adbot" infested software. It does generate a UID and it does phone home with all kinds of stuff be it is not using a Spyware by it self.

I do not know BulletProof FTP personally but for all of you who are looking for "clean" software, you should all go to my "Links" page and under "Software" (low on the page), you will find a link for "Pricelessware". There you will find FTP and DownLoad Managers that are as clean as possible.

As for "documentation of *what* each program is doing", there is 406 known adware now using an adbot. I also think that you can get all the info you need at GRC. the link to their site is at the bottom right on my main page.

ZModem hey... I guess you still have a Coleco Adam computer and you surf the net at 300 baud! 8Þ

Don't be shy to email me if you need help.

bye now!
posted by MotherDawg at 11:12 AM on July 21, 2000

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