"Sex with the light on isn't a kink, Rose."
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Episode 50: Glen Writes a Golden Girls To celebrate the 50th episode of their podcast Gayest Episode Ever, hosts Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin invited over some performer friends to record a radio play of a 'Too Hot for Prime Time' spec script Lakin had written for one of their all-time favorite classic sitcoms. Prepare for double (and single) entendres out the wazoo!

"Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about gay TV — specifically the one-off, LGBT-themed episodes that classic sitcoms would do back in the day, when it was rare to see queer characters represented on broadcast television. The show is hosted by Drew Mackie (a journalist) and Glen Lakin (a screenwriter). It’s part of TableCakes, a Los Angeles-based, woman-owned network of podcasts."

Some good episodes to get you started:

Episode 1—Frasier's Boss is Gay: Our first episode looks at a Frasier episode that answers the question, “Hey, is Frasier gay or what?”

Episode 4—Archie Bunker Meets a Homo: Compare and contrast your feelings about one of the first LGBT depictions on TV versus Archie’s outdated brand of comedy.

Episode 10—Diane Chambers is an LGBT Ally: A first-season episode of Cheers has Shelley Long speaking up for gays and against homophobia. Choo choo! Shelley Long!

Episode 23—Blanche's Homo Brother Wants to Get Gay Married: Hear the Sophia Petrillo speech that helped legalize same-sex marriage.

Episode 29—The Living Single Girls Throw a Lesbian Bridal Shower: Guess which show handled a coming out storyline better than its Must See TV imitators?

Episode 33—The Gayest Saturday Morning Cartoon Episode Ever: Dungeons & Dragons & gently coded same-sex love.
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This is such a fun show and a good counter programing to Bad Gays , which I also love
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I’ve known Glen for ages, he’s a great guy and very funny and talented. I will also say that I have been sexually harassed by one of the guests of their 50th episode. Sorry to milkshake duck this.
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