Every Default macOS (née Mac OS X) Desktop Background in 5K Resolution
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Every major new version of macOS has come with a new default desktop background. Here they are, "remastered" in crisp 5K resolution.
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Oh my goodness, this brings me back. 10.3 Panther is still a delight.
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~ fist bump ~
The last bulletproof OSX Apple ever made.
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System 7.5.3 desktop patterns. These were originally PPAT resources and were converted to PNG images using Graphic Converter by Mike Richardson, according to this post.
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Another source of desktop patterns. I didn't explore this further.
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I am STILL RUNNING 10.6.8 on one of my Macs! The 7.5.3 desktop patterns were a blast from the pasts. I made hundreds of PPATs back in the day,
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Give me 6.0.7 or give me death.
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I first started using Mac with 10.6.8 and loved it dearly. Occasionally I run across one still running it, and it strikes me how alien the landscape is when contrasted with macOS.

I get the whole SIP thing, but Catalina (CataVista to some) is wild in that it doesn't even seem to trust itself -- asking if you really want Terminal to access your Documents seems silly. I think users become desensitized when prompted with too many security questions, reducing the effectiveness to pure annoyance (like UAC in Windows).

This rant is mostly just to set up for sharing a most evil prank I read about: open Terminal on someone's machine and type tccutil reset All.
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Got into Mac with Tiger, and feel Snow Leopard was probably the pinnacle of the line.l

And I still am mad they stopped calling them by cat names. I would have loved to see 10.9 Margay and 10.10 Ocelot.
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I want the blue bottles in 4k!
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That Mavericks background was the worst. I always thought my screen was broken because the colors seemed off to me.
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