Scandal rolls the marble racing world
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Last month there was posted the awesome Marbula One, "the REVOLUTION in Marble Sports." But just a couple of years ago the marble racing world was rocked by scandal, surrounding 2018 racing champion Red No. 3. Find out more in the 15-minute mini-documentary Not A Marble from MSPN.
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ESPN has turned into a weird Werner Herzog channel into sports. Don't get me wrong I still want (Edit: professional national sports I've become addicted to) but I've become entranced:

"I noticed that the marble racers in their routine were not speaking at all. To me, they were like priests preparing for mass. Under the geometric oddities of the courses, the marblers find themselves in a separate reality where space and time acquire a strange, new dimension. Those few who have experienced the world under the marble tracker often speak of it as going down into the cathedral."
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Thank you so much for this. I was just thinking that I needed more marble racing content in my life.
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I've also been thinking about 17779--the way our traditional sports have died away so bored people around the world are inventing new ones.
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For all the marbles calling out Material, it should be noted that this is just trying to throw chaff in the face of the real issue: Polishing. I think there should be two separate events. One for unpolished marbles and one for buffed marbles. People would rather have you focus on the, frankly, materialist "controversy" in place of the real objective issue facing the sport today.
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