Short history on chopsticks, knives, spoons, forks, skewers, toothpicks
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If you find yourself with more time to ponder your utensils, Eating may be the site for you. Not too detailed, but just enough to whet your informational appetite. There's the history of cutlery (fork, spoon, and knife), plus other eating utensils (chopsticks, skewers, toothpicks, and drinking straws). To round out the collection, there's also a timeline of eating utensils and more facts.

But if you're interested in deep dives, there's always Wikpedia, vaguely listed in the age of the first recorded or known use or example:
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Inspired by a new Smithsonian listicle-type article, Ten Surprising Facts About Everyday Household Objects, and the fact that there's a Eating at all.
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I'm still using this pair of cooking-size chopsticks that came with the wok I bought in the early 1980s. They're a little shorter now, but should be good for another 20 years!
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The obligatory Grand Unification of Cutlery.
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While you're at it, make an edible plate!
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Now this post is just making me sad as shopping for esoteric cooking and eating implements was supposed to be a highlight of my japan trip that didnt happen because of this fucking virus.
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Please see also: kuĂ izi, hashi.
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I was curious when "spoon" became separate from "cup with a handle", but the archaeology of cups seems surprisingly light. Surely they must have been made before Mesopotamia, but that is the oldest reference I found in a quick google.
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