Tim's Twitter Listening Party
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Tim Burgess from UK band The Charlatans invites you to listen along on Twitter to some classic albums.

Tim started the listening parties as a way to fill some of the hours during lockdown, inviting a few of his friends to virtually stop by and talk about their music. Past bands have included Oasis, The Fall, The Cocteau Twins, New Order, Orange Juice, Super Furry Animals, Pulp, and Blur; upcoming are British Sea Power, Elliot Smith, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, The Pogues, The Coral, Gomez, The The, Teenage Fanclub, Aztec Camera and many more.

My Twitter listening parties are like gigs - but nobody nicks your beer. The Guardian
Tim Burgess on the power of listening to music, 'together, apart' BBC
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I first read the name as *Mark* Burgess and got super excited. But Tim Burgess is still cool enough.
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Yes! These are the best. I've been meaning to make a post about these, because they're so fun just to listen to new music and to hear what they're like.

I was sorry to miss Ash's 1977 last night, heard Exit Planet Dust all the way through for the first time 10 days ago, and am looking forward to The Boy With the Arab Strap before too long.
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My, that's scheduled depressingly but realistically far out. I've been meaning to listen to some British Sea Power, so this seems like a good of an excuse as any, and I'm always down for some Belle and Sebastian. Thanks!
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Argh BST. I'm still at work for the weekday ones. Elliott Smith this Saturday looks good though.
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Matt Johnson lined up for the Infected one next week. I'm very there. Many thanks for the post plasticpalacealice!
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Back in the day I had the Charlatans' "Up To Your Hips" on heavy rotation, I see that's on the list. (Some of us stateside knew them as "Charlatans UK" due to a temporary name conflict with another group.)

I can always listen to Dig Your Own Hole again. I assume times are GMT?
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British Summer Time rather than GMT.
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I assume times are GMT?

It's in current UK time which is British Summer Time now. Just one hour difference, but it could make all the difference ;)
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So psyched for the Avalanches!
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Tim Burgess/Mark Burgess Charlatans/Chameleons has confused me more than once. Slightly different eras though. Tim should contact Mark and they could do Script of the Bridge!

Looking forward to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Rattlesnakes today.
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I truly don't understand how to keep up with hashtags—Are you supposed to read 'em all or just contribute? I guess I get overwhelmed by the volume—but this is great, because it captures some of the social aspect of music and it's always nice to see people with tastes like yours. Britpop was my entry into music that felt like mine, so I have formative memories of several bands profiled. Just doing a quick scroll through the tweets conjured up some deep feelings.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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I truly don't understand how to keep up with hashtags—Are you supposed to read 'em all or just contribute?
I found this hard too. Even following Twitter feeds of multiple artists (e.g. for Pulp). In the end I found just following only Tim's feed worked best because he retweets very quickly.
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Yes, it's tricky to follow. Enough of my feed is retweeting that it works for me during my normal Twitter use. And also my concentration span works best with about 70% distraction anyway.

But a website/app is being developed which will allow replay, which looks great. And yes, it's all for free.

This whole thing just makes me so happy. Especially if I end up listening to new music from it.
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Replay completed events
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I just joined in for The Boy With The Arab Strap, and, boy, did I forget about everything for a while. I love these.

I missed the first bit, so I may go for the rewatch.
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The replay page is a game changer! I've been aware of these from the start and never managed to follow properly on Twitter - this makes it all so much easier.
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