The 100 Day Writing Challenge
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The 100 Day Writing Challenge [via mefi projects]

The 100 Day Writing Challenge is a series of 100 episodes, narrated by Tim Clare, who previously (amongst other things) developed the Couch to 80K Writing Boot Camp. Each episode is generally 5-15 minutes of discussion about writing and the writing process, followed by 10 minutes of silence in which you work on the day's challenge, and then oftentimes a few minutes of wrap-up. You're encouraged to take breaks when you need to and reflect on how you feel before/during/after the day's work. The first 50 episodes are in the main post link, along with transcripts, and you can access all 100 at his Soundcloud page.
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I had this saved in my bookmarks at work as something I wanted to work on... and then I was furloughed. Literally this morning I thought, “I wish I had the link to that writing challenge thing!”

So thanks! This will take a small chunk out of my daily boredom.
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This looks extremely useful! I'm going to do it.
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I have done about half of this! I stopped when I started working from home so I didn’t have a long train ride every day. It’s fun! Some of the exercises are pretty challenging, but it’s all in nice bite size pieces, and mefi’s own Tim Claire is a fine host.
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I am on Day 20. I have been on Day 20 for about two weeks! The life of a teacher during quarantine is just as busy as ever, in fact moreso because I have to learn two new online management systems basically in real time...anyway, enough of that.

What I want to say is that this challenge is awesome, I want to find Tim in the real world and buy him a beer, and I can't wait to find the time to start up again.
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I didn't want to editorialize too much in the post, but -- this is the thing I've looked forward to pretty much every day for over 3 months now. It has been an amazing experience.
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This is marvelous! Doing the first course before work this morning.
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