July 24, 2002
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WHICH MeFite boldly proclaims ties to big tobacco? WHO is the person responsible for all the I/P threads? WHY does everyone talk about pancakes? You won't find the answers to these questions in the alt.gossip.celebrities Blind Item Archive, but you will find tons of gooey gossipy celebrity muck in which you may luxuriously wallow. It's good for the skin.
posted by WolfDaddy (9 comments total)
This link amused me.
posted by BlueTrain at 4:33 PM on July 24, 2002

But WolfDaddy, where do we find the answers to those questions?
posted by timeistight at 5:15 PM on July 24, 2002

uh, metatalk?
posted by quonsar at 5:44 PM on July 24, 2002

I don't get it...?

Why are there multiple names after a gossip item. Is it a test?
posted by ODiV at 6:26 PM on July 24, 2002

Beat me to it, quonsar. heh heh.

ODiV, the names at the end of each item are usually the best guesses as to whom each blind item refers. Usually the best guesses are actually the truth, but it would be libelous to say that. God forbid we give our heroes feet and noses and genitals of clay, you know?
posted by WolfDaddy at 6:32 PM on July 24, 2002

They called Jimmy Fallon allegedly gay! (umm, no kidding!)

This site is like crystal meth for my shallow awful side.

WHO is the person responsible for all the I/P threads?

At least that item's not so blind.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 8:03 PM on July 24, 2002

RJ, that group and (if possible, even more so) alt.showbiz.gossip are full of addicts showing their shallow, awful sides ... it's like a gay cocktail party where nobody has to be nice.
posted by dhartung at 1:30 AM on July 25, 2002

So, what's up with the pancakes? I don't get it...
posted by Loudmax at 5:21 AM on July 25, 2002

Umm, dhartung, I think that would be alt.culture.fabulous.
*is the only Oklahoman who lets it be known publicly that she reads agc, and I am not an addict (but pleads the 5th about the awful and shallow stuff)*

(wow, how sad, I have revealed more about myself in the past 4 days than in the past year and a half, and it ain't all that impressive. * needs hug*)
posted by thatothrgirl at 9:53 AM on July 25, 2002

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