Today is Thursday. You must not go outside!
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You must not go outside! Since the first day of the UK's lockdown, this blog has provided a daily dose of everything the government wants you to know ("YOU MUST NOT GO OUTSIDE!"), along with advice that the author thinks you probably ought to know. It started sensibly enough, with daily tips on washing your hands. But then, with a distinctly British sense of humour, it quickly devolved into sarcastic, sometimes surreal, additional tips: why not use oven gloves to handle incoming parcels, teach your dog to speak English to exploit dog-walking freedoms and deliver messages, or take the opportunity to count all of the pens in your house.
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Do not discuss The Event.
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Hello, good evening, and REMAIN INDOORS.
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Hello, good evening, and scratching only makes it worse!
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This is lovely and reminds me of the internet back when MetaFilter first got started. Parody blogs appeared approximately 2 days after regular blogs did, and they really are always fun.
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How many pens does my wife own? How many grains of sand on the beach, how many stars in the sky, etc..
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At 8:00pm this evening please dance on your doorstep. Dance to say thank you to sofas.
I'm sure I've seen Sofa Appreciation Dance Night posts making the rounds on WhatsApp. Pitch-perfect.
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I could never get the hang of Thursdays.
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Deliberate or accidental?
The first item:

Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency for Great Britain, is set to publish revised maps for the whole of the British isles in the wake of social distancing measures. The new 1:50,000 scale maps are simply a revision of the older 1:25,000 scale map but all geographical features have been moved further apart.

Actually that moves things closer together and FWIW I'm going with deliberate.
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My interpretation is that the new maps are actually identical except for having a different scale printed on them. The original scale has 1 cm = 250 m, the new scale has 1 cm = 500 m.
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Scarfolk has been having a considerably grimmer field day with this lately.
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Take whatever injections are recommended in your sector and enjoy the show!
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Thank you, this is good. Considering my local council's advice was literally "why not tidy your sock drawer" ... (I have said this here before but I still can't get over it).
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