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Lost Together. CBC Music's Canadian national sing along, featuring Blue Rodeo, is a big wistful hug . If you need a bit of quarantine solidarity, this is for you, world. xo.
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hey canada, c'mere let me give you a big sloppy hug you magnificent feelgoodsad friday night gen-x comfort mutt.

listen to how they pop the current singer slightly in the mix so they get a moment!

1:24 is ...


🖖 to the guy playing in the plasma ball somewhere around 4:19, he's at 9o'clock in the mosaic

also at 4:19, directly above plasma ball, the 4-piece band! accordion, drums, guitar and doggo.
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I guess better Lost Together then Hasn't Hit Me Yet.

If only this was just Five Days in July.
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As Canadian as possible under the circumstances.
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almost redeems that brainless and sycophantic ArtistsCAN Lean On Me atrocity about which somebody on my Facebook commented, "I'm not much for censorship, but in times such as these, morale is paramount. It should be banned and the master tapes destroyed lest they ever get into the hands of the enemy." Though somebody else commented, "If anything it is making people clean themselves thoroughly with soap and water for a prolonged period of times, I know it gets under the skin but just don't use steel wool," ohhhhh Canaduh.
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How can anyone watch this and think we should defund the CBC? Our national spirit is being eroded.
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Love the hair-cutting family train around 4:00. I'm at the seriously-considering-cutting-my-own-hair stage.
Thanks for posting this.
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all the hearts to the guy at 2:45 with the wedding photo. Three o'clock in the mosaic.
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Pitch for next Canadian quarantine spectacular: the Tenors are planning some giant schmaltzy end-of-coronaterror special in a zoom meeting when they are all simultaneously taken down by androids made to resemble The Parachute Club.

The androids briefly sing "Rise Up" and then Canada celebrates its deliverence from the coronavirus and the Tenors.
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