Ogmios School of Zen Motoring
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Listen to the soothing tones of Ogmios as he demonstrates how a true master navigates the streets of London, with the Ogmios School of Zen Motoring [SLYT]. With bonus Purim content!
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I am extremely here for this. Kept pausing to read signs and look places up in street view! I really miss London, despite everything.
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Mmmmm, journey cheese....
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I didn’t expect this to be so rich, “..oh look, personalized plate - what a surprise.”
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..also amazed at the degree of pollarding going on.
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Amazing. God on a quad!
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Seeing Zen Something-something that probably has nothing to do with Zen immediately raises my hackles. This however, this is brilliant... I may have just learned how to relax more during my drives by watching this (despite it generating mild "you're driving on the 'wrong' side of the road" and "damn - London streets are narrow" anxieties). It also made me wonder how different driving would be if we all drove with the driver's seat on the out-side of the road rather than the in-side... would that make our perspective better or worse when it came to sighting pedestrians and cyclists (of course he's also seated toward the inside of the road - just noting that he has impressive situational awareness when it comes to these groups).
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As someone who used to get around London on bicycle I really love this -- thanks i_am....

Here is its antithesis: Rowan Atkinson joins a minicab driver for a jaunt around London 29 years ago in The Driven Man
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Thank you. This is lovely. I particularly appreciated the list of banger synonyms.
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This is fantastic but also feels very surreal to watch as I live in that neighbourhood! Bless that man.
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The first episode is a bit more sharp-intake-of-breath, but it also contains the magnificent line "They think they're invincible, just because they're from the future".

I used to cycle through this area on my way to either the rather fine climbing centre nearby, or to dingy North London raves. I'm impressed at the level of chill he manages to maintain - a model for us all.
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kokaku, I've driven in London in a left-hand-drive car, and it makes the perspective much worse. It's harder to see around things. You're too close to the parked cars. You feel like you're practically in the hedges when they're right up on the street. The distances to the cars coming the other direction are harder to judge. It was a relief when we got off the Chunnel train and everything was left-hand-drive again.
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Great stuff: Ali G meets Joe Pera, and solid driving praxis to boot.
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aneel... thanks for the first-hand report - makes total sense

his voice totally reminds me of someone from a movie or tv show i've watched recently and i cannot for the life of me place it
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This is the best content I've seen in a month. An inspiration to us all.
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My friend Vishal is a Londoner of Punjabi extraction who is extremely chill and has this exact accent. I sent these links to him and he said I'm the second person to do it. Also no one ever called him mellifluous before.
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his voice totally reminds me of someone from a movie or tv show i've watched recently and i cannot for the life of me place it

His voice reminded me a lot of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Maybe more the attitude that the accent, actually. Kobna was in the second Mary Poppins movie, and he 's the narrator in the Peter Grant series audiobooks written by Ben Aaronovitch and honestly he is by far the best audiobook narrator I've ever experienced. So chill, and he seems to genuinely enjoy the story.
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just came to me... maybe a British Korg (from Thor:Ragnarok)?
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When Taika Waititi does Korg's voice, he's using a particular kind of New Zealand English I'm very familiar with. Heavily Māori-influenced (and maybe other Polynesian languages too) and it has an important feature namely giving syllables more equal length and stress than in standard English. And you can hear that sometime in Ogmios' kind of English too, eg the way he says "exacerbate". Combine that with a very gentle, mild intonation and yeah I can totally see what you're getting at.
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Did anyone else have youtube auto-suggest some videos of rap battles with ogmios vs. some other people? Seemed like the same ogmios rapping as was driving
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his voice totally reminds me of someone from a movie or tv show i've watched recently and i cannot for the life of me place it

Kind of like Peter Serafinowicz?
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