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Google Doodle honoring the birthday of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, who would be celebrating his sixty-first birthday today. In addition to his ukelele music, Kamakawiwoʻole was known for his activism for Hawai'an independence.
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(Thanks. I didn't realize it was geo-locked until a couple of minutes ago; mods, if you wanted to replace with the direct link, I'd appreciate it!)
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Perennial favorite
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Thank you.
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It's nice that Google is honoring him but weird they made their own music video. The official video is worth a watch. Also going to link here Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man which is great fun.

Also worth reading: the Second Hawaiian Renaissance. This predates Izzy by a generation but there's a straight line that leads to him, particularly in music.
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[Replaced the link!]
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Don't miss Pixar's Lava, which was inspired by Iz and his wife. Warning: it's a 2-kleenex affair.
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I walked down the isle to his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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"Late one night in 1988, Israel sat down in a Honolulu studio, closed his eyes, and in a single take, sang an emotional `ukulele-backed version of the classic song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

daaamn, one take. Learning that he nailed it on the first take just makes the song hit a little harder for me.
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> It's nice that Google is honoring him but weird they made their own music video. The official video is worth a watch.

It was; now I do not think it is weird that Google made their own video. The "official" video was so weird in fact that I went looking for other ones and here's a nearly identical unofficial one that manages to feature all of the same footage, more Iz, less stock photography and less weird cuts where they try to align unrelated performances into a split second-timed "aaah." Legit minorly disturbing, the official one.

Also, its a doodle so what a doodle do.
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While I knew Israel Kamakawiwo'ole died young, I didn't realize his entire immediate family, father, mother, older brother, older sister, and younger sister all died before the age of 56. Damn.
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Life expectancy of Native Hawai'ans around the time he was born was a shockingly low ~65. I imagine the number for men in particular was even a few years lower than that.
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I always cry when I hear him sing. It hits me deep. Not a lot of music does that for me.
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previously Sadly, most if not all of the links are borked. I don't remember where I 1st heard the song, except that I immediately went out and bought the cd. It's pure magic. If you are ever lucky enough to visit Hawai'i, you will hear Iz everywhere. This is an excellent thing.
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