Working out from home?
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Some inspiration from those who came before you. You may have heard of Jack Lalanne, Tamilee Webb/Buns of Steel, or Jane Fonda but you may not have encountered The Chippendales workout or Debbie Drake. Workouts combined with, well, something else. (via Jezebel)
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Thanks to a tip from Tom & Lorenzo, the misery of my quarantine workouts at home has been significantly reduced by the company of the cuties in this absurd early '90s Step Reebok video.
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This is great! There were a few number of years where I was fitness-y and that coincided with the time when I was doing a ton of travel for work and family. I joked that I was going to start an anonymous blog covering TSA pat-downs and hotel gyms. By far, by a mile, the best hotel gym was in Orlando that also doubled as a Jack Lalanne Museum. So it also had a bunch of old school equipment and Lalanne videos on a loop. I was delighted by the whole scene. I can't wait to dig into more examples!
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Don't know if this quite fits here, but here's a a parody of Juice man Jay Kordich by Jim Carrey... maybe my favorite Jim Carrey bit ever.
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20 Minute Workout, FTW.
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I did encounter the Chippendales.

They certainly know how to enjoy themselves.
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Let us not forget Ron Harris' Aerobicise, a self-proclaimed workout for "the most important muscle" in your body! Presented on 1980's SHOWTIME. (Incredibly, there's actually a 'making of' for this program as well, possibly lurking out on the interwebz, I just didn't bother looking that hard.)
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Let us not forget Ron Harris' Aerobicise

I didn't even watch it but oh wow the youtube description:

The Worlds first Aerobics exercise show. Premiered on SHOWTIME on July 04, 1981. Hugh Hefner called me the "King of Erotica" It was shown on SHOWTIME for three and a half years. During that time period the subscriber base of SHOWTIME tripped. Is was shown between movies and many guys kept SHOWTIME on all the time, to not miss one of these 5-6 min segments. There are a total of 13 ½ hours of Aerobicise. Paramount Pictures distributed Aerobicise for 15 years.
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Yeah, it was one of the very early offerings on laserdisc as well. (So I've heard....)
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The woman's look in that Aerobicise link is so not, "I'm working out! LET'S GET FIT!"...

(It's let's fuck)

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(It's let's fuck)
Well gee, it looks like SOMEONE has never seen 1985's Perfect, when John Travolta shows up at the Aerobics class being taught by Jamie Lee Curtis.
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re: 20 minute workout...the most recognizable dancer was Bess Motta, who
went on to be Sarah Connor's walkman-wearing/boyfriend screwing roommate in The Terminator.
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My favorite is Pony Sweat: "A fiercely non-competitive, body-positive dance aerobic celebration for all levels of fitness and coordination"

Caught them opening for a punk show in LA last year and they had the entire audience dancing along. Basically the punk rock Richard Simmons, and I'm obsessed.

Here's an hour-long workout. Would recommend.
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