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Rose Christo's* infamous fanfic My Immortal has been covered on the Blue before, from the initial debates over intentionally bad fanfic, the Youtube adaptation, and the search for a definitive answer on its authorship. But somehow, until Scott Alexander came around, nobody had been brave enough to ask the real question: "Is My Immortal really an alchemical allegory?" *Maybe
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This post was deleted for the following reason: No harm inferred in wanting to share an essay on a many-times-discussed subject of MeFi interest, but I'm inclined to agree that Fun Essay may not be a good enough reason to throw traffic at someone with a history of problematic takes on race, feminism, etc. -- cortex

Isn't Scott Alexander some kind of alt-right neoreactionary rationalist or something? His name sure comes up on r/SneerClub a lot.
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You know- considering Scott Alexander's beliefs about feminism AND his long association with pseudo scientific racism and his love of the Bell Curve can we maybe nix this guy as anyone to take seriously on anything?
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For more information, this looks like a fairly neutral description of Alexander.

That said, I enjoyed this piece. It doesn't have any obvious indications of his less-agreeable beliefs, and he clearly put some effort into writing it. If you decide to read it, you should probably skip the comments; they're not bad, they just don't add anything.
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Anyone who approvingly cites Charles Murray has no place on this site. And that's just from looking at the results for the "ScottAlexander" tag here.
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