Things That Can Only Be Found in the Darkness on the Edge of Town
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Consider the lyrics to "Backstreets", with Terry, that gender-ambiguous-named subject.
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Bruce is large; he contains multitudes.
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I think about Terry a lot. This is good.
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Bruce at his best speaks to and about everyone.
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Great article- thanks for posting!
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As a Wendy, Born to Run has been in my top 5 favourite songs forever (the song is around as old as I am even). As a queer-identified Wendy, well, holy crap, this article makes me happy. My band covers a different Bruce tune and I wouldn't dare change the gender markers, love you Bruce.
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Feeling exceptionally called out by the identification of Tougher Than the Rest as "quintessentially queer." I'd never looked at it that way, but on the other hand, the moment I heard it I was absolutely obsessed, especially with the Camera Obscura cover.
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About five or six years ago, I discovered Barbara Fasano's cover of Thunder Road and ever since it feels like a lesbian love story that happens to be written by a straight man.
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"I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face."
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