Irish Women in Harmony
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40 Irish women artists collaborate on Dreams by The Cranberries to raise funds for Safe Ireland. (SLYT)
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Very, very nice. Thanks for posting this here.
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That was a nice way to start my Saturday.
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For context, Safe Ireland is a domestic abuse charity. The youtube page only has instructions on how to text to donate, which probably doesn't work outside Ireland, but if you visit Safe Ireland's web page, you can donate via paypal or credit card.
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Oh, my. That was extraordinarily lovely. And when everyone comes in ~ 3:20.... wow. Thanks, Harald74.

Also - I visited Ireland for two weeks, five years ago. Like a dumb American, I expected everyone to look like the actors in an Irish Spring commercial. Or at least a lot more red hair and pale skin. (And I'd been to London, so maybe I should have know better.) But this diversity is what I saw walking around Dublin.
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That was great. I had to stop watching and just listen because I kept getting distracted by people's eye makeup. 😊 I think nothing makes me feel so ancient as shifts in personal grooming and cosmetics. Sleek eyebrows! Better I simply listen to the voices and the instruments than navel-gaze about my scruffiness.
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So many chills! Thank you so much for sharing
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