This is the weirdest show I have seen in quarantine.
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Swan Lake Bath Ballet. Exactly what it says on the tin. I wonder where that one guy got all those feathers and how the hell he got them OFF himself afterwards?!
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oh. my. god. *love.*
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I'm using an iPhone. Does anyone else find that the viewer disappears if you try to maximise it?
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I love this so hard. I don't want to be all "oooh, the terrible times will bring us great art," but god damn constraints spur creativity in unexpected directions.
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I'm jealous of so many of those bathtubs, but also comforted to know many of those people have bathtubs that as cramped and, um, charmingly stained as mine, so. Lovely.
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Whoever owns those double garden tubs is a genius and a scholar. New home project!
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This was awesome. And considerably shorter than the original! Ha... loved it; nice find.
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I did not expect to find myself weeping at this, but wow.

Thank you.
posted by Lexica at 1:45 PM on July 15, 2020 [2 favorites] really forced a focus and appreciation of single limbs and foot articulation...things that I as a non-ballet-expert sometimes don't 'see' fully in the spectacle of the stage...
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I loved this. Thank you.
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