"The Singing Selfie"
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Each month, Islington Folk Club here in North London eases the boredom of lockdown by holding a competition called Trad2Mad, inviting its members and friends to post YouTube performances of themselves singing, unaccompanied, a traditional folk song, a modern pop song you might never have expected to hear in that style, or any other damn thing they feel like contributing. A shortlist is them produced, votes gathered and a winner selected. There were a few entries I really liked this month, which you'll find direct links to below.

There are six songs on the latest shortlist. My three favourites (presented here in strict alphabetical order) are:

Fiona Clarke: The Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery
Tara Mackenney: Tha mi dol a dheanaimh banais
Rick Pollay: I've Got the Crud
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These are great! - and its great to see one club attract so many interesting and talented performers. So far my vote is with "Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery" - telling of goings on which were once reportage around the part of Scotland I live in.
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I really enjoyed these — thanks for posting!
posted by holborne at 10:09 AM on August 3, 2020

Oh this is so lovely, thank you!
posted by Jesse the K at 4:30 PM on August 3, 2020

These are great. Thanks for posting :)
posted by waltzingalong at 7:17 AM on August 4, 2020

Just to tie up a loose end, the club announced today that Mackenney won, with Clarke in second place and Chris Lamb's Net Hauling Song third.
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