73 Canadian short stories to read online, by diverse authors
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73 Canadian short stories to read online, curated by author Kevin Hardcastle. Features a diverse group of writers including black (Canisia Lubrin, "The Origin of the Lullaby"; Pamela Mordecai, "Goat"; Ian Williams, "I Want it All, I Want it Now"), Indigenous (Cherie Dimaline, "After 'While"; Carleigh Baker, "War of Attrition"; Richard Van Camp, "Show Me Yours") and people of colour (Téa Mutonji, "Property of Neil"; Souvankham Thammavongsa , "Mom is in Love With Randy Travis"; Jack Wang, "The Night of Broken Glass"; and many more), nonbinary (Jane Eaton Hamilton, "Smiley"; Daniel Sarah Karasik, "Mine") and trans (Casey Plett, "A Love Like in the Movies") authors.
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Thank you!
posted by mazola at 3:07 PM on August 11, 2020 [1 favorite]

Thanks! I'd love to hear if anyone finds any particular gems. And I'll report back if I find any.
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Thanks, I love short fiction and haven't read a single one of these authors so this is great!
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I’ve only read half of them yet, but so far “The Most Precious Substance on Earth” by Shashi Bhat and “Spires” by Tamas Dobozy have been standouts for me.
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Popping back in to say I liked Richard Van Camp’s “Show Me Yours” so much that I’ve decided to assign it in one of my literature classes this fall.
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