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Bennett Foddy picks the most under-appreciated games of the 2010s: Playpen (2010), Justin Smith’s Realistic Summer Sports Simulator (2011), McPixel (2012), Hiversaires (2013), Helix (2014), Else heart.break() (2015), Soft Body (2016), Tormentor X Punisher (2017), Infernium (2018), and 10 Beautiful Postcards (2019).

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How has it already been nearly a decade since Realistic Summer Sports Simulator and McPixel

how, I ask you
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Tormentor x Punisher is the only one I've heard of and it's on my Steam List. Thanks for the link I'll have to check the others out, interesting that Infernium is "mixed" in Steam ratings though.
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I saw Bennett Foddy and assumed the whole thing would be a piss take but Else heart.break() is a genuinely good and unique game with top notch art and music.
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McPixel is genuinely incredible so I assume the other games on this list are pretty good as well
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I enjoyed Else heart.break() more than I thought I would, and McPixel is absolutely excellent.

I can't resist promoting a few of my favorites that don't seem to get much buzz:
The Witness - Puzzle solving, piecing together what happened as you go. Very leisurely.
The Talos Principle - Similar to above, but with some action / timing / reflex elements, too.
Gorogoa - Absolutely beautiful puzzler with a unique gameplay twist.
Life Is Strange - Excellent, character-driven storytelling. Go at your own pace, no lightning reflexes needed. This game absolutely wrecked me, and it was wonderful.
Firewatch - a single-player first-person mystery. You're all alone, and your only link is a distant voice on your radio.
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xedrik: Seconded – I enjoyed all of those games but I would single out Gorogoa as being very special and very accessible. I remember meeting the designer several years before it was released and marvelling at the concept; the fact it took so long to design and produce shows it was a labour of love whose design, unusually, didn't really change much over the years.
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