July 31, 2002
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Louise Brooks was a Ziegfeld girl, a classic beauty, and later, an actress in really strange films, mostly made in Germanya
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sorry, I didn't mean to imply that she made movies in "Germania". Maybe I should just give up this posting business
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Thank you for bringing a little Louise into my day.
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She's graced my desktop on and off for years. And she had a bob to die for. It may even be safe to say that she had THE BOB.

I don't really know much more about her than that, although I found this site from one of your links, interrobang. Turns out she had more going for her than her looks and screen presence. She was also a writer, and not a bad one.

Looks like I've got at least one more book to put on my to be read list.

And thanks muchly for helping me find all those galleries.
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Hubba, hubba, and triple, quadruple hubbas for Louise Brooks. The greatest thing about this babe of babes is what ursus_comiter referred to: Her resurrection in the 1970s via Kenneth Tynan's brilliant New Yorker profile "The Girl in the Black Leather Helmet" and her subsequent book "Lulu in Hollywood". She was not only beautiful, but brilliant as well. Tynan had discovered her living in Rochester, NY, working with the Kodak film archives. Somewhere, there is a photograph from that period of the elderly (and still beautiful) Louise Brooks dressed in a bathrobe with long, flowing grey hair. What a woman!
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"Love is a publicity stunt, and making love, after the first curious rapture, is only another petulant way to pass the time waiting for the studio to call." -- L.B.

What a woman.
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I'm in love.
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lulu! lulu!

if you want to see a great documentary on her, with alot of late footage of her talking about her life and experiences---

Looking for Lulu

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Wowser. Her eyes are what "smoldering" are all about. Thanks, interrobang.
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