The End of the Anti-Hit List?
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The End of the Anti-Hit List? "And with that, the Anti-Hit List is retiring, at least for the foreseeable future."

John Sakamoto's Alternate Top 10 (AKA The Anti-Hit List) was one of the best top ten music lists on the net. It was short and sweet and a great way to discover b-sides, covers and alternate versions of songs from a wide variety of artists. And to think, it all started back on March 12, 1996.
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I was a big fan of the Anti-Hit list. I enjoy how many of the tracks are obviously not legally available. For instance, this weeks #1 is a bootleg of an unreleased Radiohead song and the source is listed as "From the 'net".
posted by stevengarrity at 7:10 PM on July 31, 2002

Damn, what a great list, and I have to find out about it right when it ends. Sigh.
posted by anildash at 11:48 PM on July 31, 2002

The Anti-Hit List was one of the best pages on the entire Web, for music enthusiasts. I was always astonished that it continued to be updated, within the useless corporate behemoth of Canoe. When I read, yesterday, that it had come to a close, I sent John a letter of thanks and farewell. It will be sorely missed.

Among the things that popped up there before the hype: Langley Schools Music Project.
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I second that, anildash. Anyone have other lists/sources they would recommend, before it's too late?
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