GEO at UMich strikes
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The University of Michigan's Graduate Employees Organization has voted to strike U of M's graduate student union has voted to authorize a 4-day work stoppage, after months of talks, to put pressure on the University to bargain around concerns surrounding COVID-19 safety and other issues (including disengaging the university from local police).

The GEO twitter feed and website. Some local coverage here, also here. UM Public affair did an abysmal job of reacting on labor day.
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GEO alum here. Go go go! And good luck.
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As a grad student that the university has forgotten to PAY for months at a time until the TA union stepped in, good on them.
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Exciting to see my grad union brothers and sisters using their power to make UMich straighten up. Grad unions are special-- the only union where the membership's primary goal is to get out of the job. It makes for interesting policy choices.
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Many resident advisors are also now on strike.

The administration's handling of the pandemic has been reckless and and irresponsible--and so arrogant. The faculty, lecturers, graduate students, and even many undergraduate students are against the reopening. The administration knows this, and their response has been to stall, obfuscate, and scold. It's only getting worse over time.

At this point, I wonder at which point they'll care. When one of their family members gets sick? When they get sick? They should all be required to live in the dorms and to teach the in-person classes that they're forcing others to teach.

But it's all been top-down dictatorial death cult nonsense with a transparent veneer of caring PR laid over it. No one's fooled.

The student paper also has this interesting op-ed from last week.
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The University has now responded by asking a court to issue an injunction to halt the strike.
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I am so angry.

The union accepted the university's offer, which was basically peanuts: no substantial progress on covid-19 protections or on the university's ties to police. They accepted it because they were scared of retaliation and what the legal actions could mean for the future of the union.

The university has tried to spin this as the union accepting the offer because they agreed it was fair. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

But hey, football's back on. That's the real story here.

(Absolutely fucking disgusting, all of it.)
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