Is there something that you wish you had done differently this year?
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Since 2008, ten questions have been emailed across the world. If you have signed up to DoYou10Q? you will receive a question to respond to every day for ten days. A year later your answers are sent back to you.

Structured loosely around the Jewish High Holy Days, 10Q provides a space for reflection and prediction. Some participants choose to make their replies public, and there's an archive of over ten years of answers.
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Oh my gosh I have been just thinking about this (since, yes, holidays coming up) and I wonder if this is the best year to start this, or the worst? Thanks for the nudge, I may as well sign up.
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In 2020, I became a cockroach, like Gregor Samsa. Most mornings, I scurry out at dawn, water my garden, go out for groceries and scurry back into the shadows. Most days, I don't think I'm worth more than an insect.
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I've been doing this for a quite a few years. All of your answers from years past are also stored and available during the 10 days. Some years I answer all the questions, sometimes just use the space to write about whatever and sometime I get behind and just write one long entry on the last day,

About whether to start, I would borrow from the old proverb: "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today"
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Thank you for sharing this, I'm going to sign up.
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You can't sign up before the 18th, apparently?
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I was able to sign up. They just aren't sending out the questions yet.
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So I randomly picked an archive year to see the questions, and the first one was "Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year," and I got all twitchy because I hate the use of "impact" as a verb, and then I thought my gosh I'm getting so so crabby. Is it old age, this crazy year (these crazy years), or both?
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Signed up, looking forward to it.
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Thanks for this. Been looking for something to "force" me to be more self-aware.
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Thank you for this post! I just signed up and did both the regular question as well as the CoVid supplemental. It was nice to get out some of the feelings of *all this* out. Yeah, I could journal, but having directed questions got me to a place that I subconsciously knew I needed to get to better (quicker) than that route.

< aside>Gin and Broadband are two of my favorite things. So I clicked on your website link and had a Homer moment of "I am subscribed to their newseltter!"< /aside>
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