“I know you’re going through sorrow, but babe, there’s always tomorrow”
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Since April of this year Neil Sedaka has been posting mini-concerts nearly every day to his YouTube channel, and has recorded over a hundred videos of himself playing the piano and singing. Besides that, he did a parody version of one of his best known songs, Masking Up Is Not Hard to Do.
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He is also sharing them on his Instagram.
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Neil Sedaka was my first real concert, I was 8 or 9. It was at a small auditorium in the big retirement community in the metro area I grew up in. I was the youngest person in the audience by far, my dad was the second youngest by quite a bit.

For some reason his music just really grabbed me as a kid, probably because the words were just so good. Set me up for a lifetime appreciation of lyrical cleverness.
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I haven't heard that name in years :)
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Wow, Neil Sedaka is one of those artists I never paid much attention to, because he was considered deeply uncool when I was young. Now that I'm old, I can appreciate his genius. Thanks for posting!
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"Bad Blood" with Elton John is such power pop.
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As a fan of the ancien regime of American music, the fact that Neil Sedaka is broadcasting from his piano nearly every day makes me smile. Thanks for posting this.
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