under all circumstances leave the tower library and rose bower intact
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Two fantasy stories: "La Bête" by Leah Bobet (audio), published this year. "It would require work to make the château habitable; the Dowager had confined herself, in the end, to the library, kitchen, and a small suite of rooms, and the rest was in disrepair." "The Huntsman and the Beast" by Carrie Vaughn, originally published 2018. "Jack said, 'Then take me. I will serve. Let him go and take me instead, please.' The beast hesitated, and that told Jack he might have a chance. 'I swear to you I will stay in his place, but you must let him go free.'"
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I enjoyed these -- thank you, brainwane!
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Thank you for sharing, both stories were a delight!
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Awww, I love the beast story! I love a sweet beta hero dude and a fierce but nice lady, just defending her castle.
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These are great, such a delightful distraction. I'm looking for good things to read while feeding my baby.
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I've only had a chance to read the beast story, but yes, thank you. That was lovely and I'm going to look up more stuff by the same author.
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The second story made me happy cry.
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Man, that horrible prince, though.
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I'm an old fantasy and alt-fantasy buff, and the ways "The Huntsman and the Beast" could have gone were disturbing, but yes... that was delightful. Kudos, Carrie Vaughn.
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I am loving all these story posts, brainwane! Thank you for sharing so much great stuff.
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If you liked the Carrie Vaughn story, she has a two-novel series of mysteries set in an oddly-optimistic apocalyptic world. Start with Bannerless, which reminds me more than anything of Rosemary Kirstein's Steerswoman novels. It's quite good, with a post-apocalyptic utopian sense to it (that doesn't hide the cost of the utopia).
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