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The Cybertronic Spree a Transformers-themed cover band (previously), released a performance video for "Dare to Be Stupid" two days ago, on Weird Al Yankovic's 61rst birthday. (Warning: One written curse word does appear on screen in the video)

Compare to Yankovic's original video, plus the videos homaged in the new video:
"Eat It" / "Fat"
"All About the Pentiums"
"Living with a Hernia"
"Jurassic Park"
"I Lost on Jeopardy"
"You Don't Love Me Anymore"
"First World Problems"
The "Rambo" scene from UHF
"Like a Surgeon"
"Amish Paradise"
"Canadian Idiot" - no original video - live performance with Portugal the Man at Bonnaroo 2012.

The director at the end seems familiar....
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Wait wait what... there's a Weird Al cover band out there?

Like I guess I wasn't expecting that, but it makes sense.
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Pedant: Sixtyfirst. 61rst, not so much. Sorry.
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That was a delight! One of my favorite Weird Al songs (and the album is great, too).

And thanks for linking to the previous story. I remembered them doing "The Touch," but I'd never seen their "Immigrant Song" cover before.
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I'm friends with the band and was invited to be in this video, but unfortunately we were on vacation. It looks like they had a blast - glad to see it's been released.

When they play this live, there has been a rotating cast of associated performers who hop out in a wig, falling-off moustache, Hawaiian shirt, and glasses to get weird.
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I've found myself of late listening to Weird Al's various artist/genre pastiche songs, and I gotta say, they are a LOT more fun (and impressive) when you've been listening to the original artist a bit beforehand. At times I find myself thinking, you know, Velvet Elvis would be a genuinely catchy Police song, or that I would love nothing more than to hear REM cover Frank's 2000" TV.
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Needs more bitter Mark Mothersbaugh.
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I was not expecting Quintessons!
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I'll be over here sitting in the top of the greenest tree, sending out an aroma of undefined love, to drip on down like a mist from above, for this cover version; but before I go, I wanted to remind people of this.
(The song root MM feels got resculpted into genius is a little easier to hear in this format.)
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That was a lot of fun! Thanks, Mutant Lobsters from Riverhead!
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Less a Weird Al cover band and more a Transformers cult band. They have done a full cover album of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album of as well as an original song Cybertronic Warrior with attendant, deeply '80's influenced video. I had never heard of these folks before today but I am now disappointed that I missed the limited edition cassette version of their original single.

My inner child is alight with joy about this post. So much gratitude to you Mutant Lobsters from Riverhead.
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A shameless-merch-franchise-themed cover of a famous parody artist's impression of a band devoted to satirizing capitalist excess is more layers of meta than I can handle without at least two more coffees.
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Please also enjoy this concert bootleg video of Al and Al's Band performing a stripped-down, jam band rock arrangement of "Dare To Be Stupid" on the Ill-Advised Vanity Tour in '18.
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I had tickets to go see these guys in Pittsburgh in May that got postponed to next year thanks to the pandemic; I hadn't heard of them until shortly before I bought those but they seemed like too much fun to miss. Hoping that by the time the date rolls around this time we'll actually be able to go and have what should be a good time.
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Weird Al is just the gift that keeps on giving.

::chef kiss::
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Seemed like that was a compliment from Mothersbaugh.

Al found a way to get more DEVO then DEVO could.
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I got to see these badasses live at the Mercury Lounge this time last year! They put on SUCH a good show. Word Burglar opened, and he was great too!
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Here's the Cybetronic Spree covering The Immigrant Song:
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This is tremendous and I love absolutely everything about it. Thanks for sharing!
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UltraMorgnus: “Here's the Cybetronic Spree covering The Immigrant Song
I wish there were videos of a similar quality of Grand Moff Tarkin, an Atlanta band from decades back that performed in Star Wars costumes.
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In case anyone needed an electric ukulele and 30's radio announcer voice cover of Freedom of Choice, just in time for election day.
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Strong and persistent 10Hz flicker content warning on that FoC video, for folks subject to seizures.
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