THE VIRUS REACHES STAR CITY (Polina Ivanova for Reuters)
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Within weeks of Russia’s first confirmed case, the coronavirus had penetrated the closed walls of Star City and crossed the high-security gates of its cosmonaut training center. It had radiated across Russia’s revered space program during a moment of international attention and national pride, and had, potentially, come within an inch of glass away from traveling to space in a cosmonaut. In Star City, with the clinic in the grip of the outbreak, a hunt was launched for someone to blame, the doctor at the clinic said.
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Heartbreaking story.
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Meanwhile, Elon Musk has covid (probability 50%) and there's a NASA launch tomorrow. In May, I watched him chat 6 feet from the astronauts in the suiting room in some disbelief.
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Elon Musk, a coronavirus denier, could have the distinction of being the first person to put coronavirus into outer space.
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Given what we know about Putin's preferred methods for dispatching inconvenient people, I can't help but question whether Natalya Lebedeva's defenestration was suicide or just the last step in assigning blame.
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Elon Musk flew to a fucking birthday party in Sweden last week for the US Ambassador. Fucking assholes.
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Hey I love hating on Musk as much as the next person, but could we talk about the article?

The article was so, so sad.
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but could we talk about the article

It seems that the nuclear-armed states are especially terrible at pandemics.

Maybe there are gods?
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What a terrible and sad way to find out what Star City is. I again am not shocked that most of the people in this story are women. The world expects too much
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I've always been intrigued by Star City, but this is terrible.

Why was she "suicided," exactly? Because she got it, or something else? (And she got murdered on my birthday. Waaaah.)
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