Researchers discover how cancer spreads in the body.
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Researchers discover how cancer spreads in the body. They have discovered that a key protein molecule - called Src - helps to loosen the structure of tissues surrounding a tumour, opening the way for cancer cells to spread around the body.
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I hope this applies to cancers other than bowel cancer. The article doesn't really make it clear. As somebody who has a genetic link to breast cancer I'm kind of hoping.
posted by Summer at 5:25 AM on August 6, 2002

i think it would at least have the possibility of applying to metastasis in other cancers. i know src is involved in other cancers anyway. (it may play a more important role in bowel cancers though) here is a link about src, it doesn't talk about any new researc though.
posted by rhyax at 1:15 PM on August 6, 2002

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