You've heard of clip art, but have you experienced the wonder of clip copy?
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You've heard of clip art, but have you experienced the wonder of clip copy? Webloggers with writer's block, take note: you can shill for hundreds of corporations, gov't. agencies, and nonprofits by posting a free and copyright-free "feature release" provided by Napsnet (North American Precis Syndicate). Just some of the delightful headlines that can be yours: "The Blinz Is Back!," "Debunking Myths About Incontinence," "How to Avoid Lawnmower Mishaps," "A Career In Roofing Is No Pie-In-The Sky Idea," and "Pet 'Scooting' Could Indicate Tapeworm." For you warbloggers, there's even some propaganda!
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And pancakes!
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I have friends who run a newspaper for distribution at regional bingo halls. (It's supported by ads for ... other bingo halls, mainly.) They use this inane crap as filler all the time. They prefer stuff that's sent to them already laid out in two or three different column widths.
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This is one of the oldest PR tools in the world. It's called a "mat release," since it was traditionally sent out as a pre-laid out article. They're generally used by tiny publications -- ad circulars, sub-5,000 circulation community newspapers -- that don't have a writing staff beyond the editor.

By the tone of the post, I'm not sure if we're supposed to be indignant or amused. I'm personally unmoved.
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