Early radiosonde. Laboratory measuring cylinder. Probe?
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The UK's Science Museum Group, which includes the Science and Industry Museum, the National Science Museum, the National Railway Museum, and Locomotion, have digitized a quarter of their collection and made some cool digital tools to explore it, including a traditional search engine, the Random Object Generator and a random object described by machine learning, What the machine saw. Now, you can also be the first person to digitally see an object that's never been seen.
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Gigantic history of medicine specimen collection got me. Shackleton expedition med kit? A lot of stuff pulled from market in their cheery 1970s packages? Sketchy sachets of herbal vigor with unchanged mimeographed labels? I needed to go to sleep.

...Oh look some tablets for that...
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Oh dear, I somehow thought the "never been seen" link would be like AI created "museum objects"... but no. I got served a silver-plated catheter from the 19th Century. The photo itself is sort of horrifying, I don't know if I'm happy or sad they don't include measurements.
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My ‘never been seen’ object was a thread of phallic pendants from 400-800 BC. All I can say is, phalluses have certainly evolved over the last few thousand years.
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I got an "Unitas calculating machine", but first it shown me a pixellated view that looked remarkably like something out of Minecraft. I also thought it was something the AI created at first. But the mechanical calculator it turned out to be was also very cool.
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Hippybear's catheter made me wince, though.
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I got composition punches for Gill Sans, which is pretty on-brand. I would love if I could get little prints of these inside cereal boxes.
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bottle of unknown drugs. and a ' bone elevator.'
This is deeply satisfying. Thank you
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Aw, I got two examples of metal foundry fractures (one brass, one just 'alloy'); those are cooler.

Andraste, 'possibly phallic', which is obviously a cool band name, is definitely a little lazy there, but can be compared to any other museum full of 'ritual objects', binary sorted into torus and stick shaped.
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A mostly blank piece of paper, ruled, with teeny tiny pencil writing of Charles Babbage about P times Q. Not quite as exciting as seeing his brain in a jar at the Hunterian Museum though.
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@andraste And yet, sadly, in many ways they haven't.
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Thank you, I was at long health appointments with my father today and we both enjoyed this.
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This is very neat!
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Rectal dilator, size 24
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Rectal dilator, size 24

Out of how many sizes... and isn't diameter a more important measure?
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I've just posted the vaginal speculum for applying leeches, made 1801-1830 in France on the leech post which is also on the front page at the moment.
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