that one guillermo del toro movie
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This is one of the best reviews I have read. I can't wait to see the three films, I haven't seen, and see Pan's Labyrinth again. The other thing, about the other Del Toro, I think that sometime, Benicio Del Toro, should be cast with Brad Pitt at some point, because to me, they look so much like brothers. I have skipped some of the struggles that people made to resist Facism, and struggles of other sorts. Lately I have been doing my homework. The Shape of Water is going to be my next watch.
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Technically his latest video essay was about Daria and why she resonates with millennials.

this one from just before the del Toro essay, on Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and how it's accidentally an incel show, is also decent, but is also, as it admits, secondary to Sarah Z's examination.
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It’s weird that long form art/social criticism has moved to this talking head reaction videos like this. Do they expect any response to also be a video? Exhausting.

That Dora video covers a lot of ground and is mostly about intra generational strife. Apart from the usual reservation of such categorizations I found it a stark reminder of just how intensely angry kids are.
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