I listen to this all the time when working out!
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Sesame Street: 80s Music Mashup Parody

Songs featured (not including references in dialogue):

Karma Chameleon
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Come on Eileen
Super Freak
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Take on Me (recently on Metafilter.)
Don't Stop Believing
Never Gonna Give You Up

bonus link: Grover's Monster Workout Video
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This post brought to you by the number 5: 5 hours and counting in a car with an unhappy baby and the letters P and S, for Parental desperation and Screen time.
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Great! My 2-year-old is currently obsessed with the muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody (he runs around the house screaming MAMAAAAA as a result) so maybe this will add a bit of variety to his puppet-music playlist.
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Also thank you for posting this, it has made my Week.

"Don't Stop You're reading!" is most excellant
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horopter, that's just good parenting.
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I feel sad that this wasn't around five years ago when I was at "Rock of Ages" in Vegas with my sibs-in-law.
(Why, yes, I am THAT kind of person who Sings The Weird Al Lyrics At Unsuspecting People.)
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This. Is. PERFECT.

The love of the 80s and the music shines through.
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Holy hell! Amazing. I just started playing 80s music for the babies at work. They seem to dig "Walking on Sunshine"
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