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Sometimes I think I made the right Career move. People complain about having to write papers, study, and do too much home work, but, how would you like to hold your hand in a cage full of mosquitoes to determine if they are ready to feed in order to get your degree (in entomology)?
Don't worry, the mosquitoes used in the tests are raised in captivity and do carry not any diseases suchas the West Nile Virus.
If you're like me, you asked yourself, What do entomologists do?
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Study insects. Come on, haven't you ever read The Far Side?

(I am getting far too many first posts today -- wish my boss would give me some work.)
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My Brother knows what an entomoligist does.
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The coolest branch is forensic entomology.

But all things considered, I'd rather be a forensic etymologist. "Detective, we've uncovered the root of the victim's last word. It was Latin Vulgate, with a hypothetical Indo-European root. {ominous horn riff} That would mean ... the killer is right in this room."
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Speaking as someone who almost got a masters degree in arachnology (before making the curious switch to law school), the study of creepy-crawlies can be lots of fun.

Most people would be amazed at how much we don't know about many insects and arachnids; not surprisingly, most research is focused on exploiting insects for agricultural use.
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So, dicaxpuella, you went from studying creepy-crawlies to being one.
(Sorry, it was a lawyer joke waiting to happen.)

exploiting insects for agricultural use

Yep, and we all know where that leads -- when ladybugs attack!
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I once had a work-study job at an Entomology department and I was kinda saddened to see that they fed adult mosquitos on cute little baby chicks taped into place in a paper cup. I mean, like a whole roomful of 'em. Squirming and chirping away. :(
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