Televised Worlds, Part 1: Colonies of Color and Gloom
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ReBoot wasn't quite the first all-CGI half-hour animated series. Earlier that year, French studio Fantôme released Insektors, an epic soft sci-fi romp about the conflict between two civilizations of insect-people (Engadget article featuring insights from a co-creator and an animator). The series had two dramatically different English dubs, available on YouTube in their entirety: the more faithful if somewhat unsubtle American dub and the more comedic UK dub. The former playlist also includes some originally unlocalized extras: a Christmas special, a Making Of special and a short about a fictional VR game.
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The German dub of the film Top Secret also uses regional accents for humor, much like is described for the UK dub of this show. It's one of those little touches that can sometimes really make a movie work better.
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Drafsak: One day i'll look back on all this and find it hysterical... -via
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Watched this with my daughters. The story seemed interminable, never really moving towards resolution, but I used to love the random regional accents. The actors were clearly having the time of their lives.
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Back in the 60s the BBC had The Magic Roundabout, gloriously voiced by Eric Thompson (dad of Emma and Sophie). The UK dub has some of that squeezing amusement from random images vibe about it.

I will watch a couple of episodes of both but as a Brit I found the UK version reminiscent of 60s and 70s British TV, with the usual class and regional stereotypes present and correct, and containing some quite nice voice acting. Perhaps not fair to judge the US dub based on the first couple of minutes but what I watched was lumpen and dull, there was no acting just reading.
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IIRC The Magic Roundabout (which I enjoyed as a child) was dubbed by a Brit who didn't speak French, so the stories are completely different. Proto-Robotech, sort-of.
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