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Lindsay Ellis is taking accountability.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I love Lindsay Ellis, but the lack of framing here is tough. Totally great link, if someone can provide a better framing for it so people know what they're clicking. -- Eyebrows McGee

I've enjoyed a number of Lindsay Ellis videos in the past, but this is a five word post linking to a 100 minute long video. Could someone please provide like a sentence or two of context or something?
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Could someone please provide like a sentence or two of context or something?

Context: on the 26th of March, Lindsay Ellis did a tweet about Raya and the Last Dragon, saying it had a lot of similarities with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Twitter got upset about it and decided to cancel Lindsay. This video is her reaction.
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"Twitter" is doing a LOT of heavy lifting in that sentence, Pendragon.
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weak sauce for an fpp.
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The history of Internet Outrage is rife with stories of bad-faith actors going most viciously at people who share 99% of the angry group's goals and beliefs because that person is someone within reach. As Lindsay says in the video, they don't go after those incapable of shame, so they go after folks like her. Or Jenny Nicholson. Or Natalie Wynn. To be sure, Lindsay has said things she talks about in this video that she regrets, and yet I'm fairly certain that regret and reconciliation isn't the goal of the people who have driven her off of Twitter. The goal was humiliation. To a lesser extent, it happens here, too.
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