But this time she brought visitors all the way from the US
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It was a phone call from an acquaintance in Tokyo who often travels to Oregon for business that started it all. He told me there were two people from Oregon roaming around the northeast with what sounded like an impossible mission: they were in possession of what appeared to be parts of Torii gates that had washed up in their state in 2013, presumably the result of the tsunami two years earlier, and they wanted to find out where the wreckage came from. "Can you help?" he asked.
For NHK Ebara Miki tells the story of how parts of Torii gates washed away with the 2011 tsunami were found in Oregon in 2013 and returned to their rightful place.
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Super sweet story, thanks for posting!
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Something in my eye now. Thank you.
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Gave me chills — thank you for sharing.
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Thanks for posting, such a sweet story! The documentary about the project is enjoyable as well.
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Woot! A couple of years ago, I was trudging along a beach here in Ireland and found a fishing buoy 600mm x 400mm⌀ with a 7 digit number and two names painted on one end. As a trained researcher with a bit of Google, I used the Vessel & Permit Listing - Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office to determine that one name was a boat and the other her skipper both from Harrington, Maine. He didn't pick up the phone so I contacted the Machias Valley News Observer who were delighted to have some copy to fill a gap on the last page of the next edition of the paper. They also kindly contacted Cap'n Harrington to stop him fretting at the loss.
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This is lovely. Thank you.
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Yes! More of this kind of thing, please!
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