Another smoking gun.
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Another smoking gun. Tobacco companies fought the marketing of anti-smoking products in the 1980s and '90s, by exerting financial pressure on companies that make nicotine gum and patches--like Dow Chemical. (NYT, reg req'd - CBS News version here)
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As reported in the LATimes, February, 1999.
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Somewhat off topic, nicotine gum tastes absolutely terrible. I understand they don't want to provide an enjoyable product to simply transfer your addiction to when the goal is quitting, but I don't think friggin pepper-flavored gum that makes you feel like puking for hours is going to do squat to replace a lifelong habit of smoking far more palatable cigarettes. Yes, cigarettes taste terrible too, but the gum is just that bad.

Anyways, there are so many smoking guns illustrating the evils of the tobacco industry I'm surprised they haven't all choked to death. However, I do still enjoy tobacco once in a blue moon, but preferably not in the form of cigarettes.
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So would nicotine water and nicotine lollipops be considered drugs or aids to quitting drugs? Or is there a difference?
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