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Impressionism, Berte Morisot and the art of seeing and being seen. A sumptuous visual essay (SLNYT) takes us through nineteenth century impressionism, the social and cultural changes of the time and the role of the most underappreciated Impressionist, Berte Morisot. All this through a detailed examination of her painting: "In England (Eugène Manet on the Isle of Wight)". posted by storybored (4 comments total) 28 users marked this as a favorite
"Fillette au chat" (1889) is very nice too--evidently one of her few drypoint prints.
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Many thanks for these links, storybored. The last time I was in a museum, the month before the first lockdown last year, a small plein air painting of Morisot's was one of a couple that particularly held my attention & kept drawing me back for another look.
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That was great — thanks for posting!
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This is an outstanding presentation of art, history, and art history. Thanks for posting it because otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen it.
posted by ob1quixote at 1:07 PM on June 6, 2021

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